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Femme devant des sons néon rouge

What your favorite musical genre says about you!

HitShot musique Ego de Chilla

Be careful which HitShots you choose 😉



According to musical psychologist Adrian North, who for three years conducted a study on the correlations between musical preferences and personality traits, Heavy Metal lovers are "delicate beings" who have "basically the same personality". than classical music lovers.

According to research by psychologist Dr. North, classical music lovers are creative, introverted and have a very high opinion of themselves. They perceive listening as a theatrical experience and share with metal fans a “love of the grandiose”, but would be older on average. 





Both energetic and rhythmic, hip-hop fans enjoy the social side of music. They prefer to dance, sing and have a social experience rather than staying locked up listening to their favorite music. Like rappers, hip-hop fans are said to be outgoing and have a high opinion of themselves. 

Pop music-loving people are said to be less creative and more prone to worry. Despite everything, they remain sociable and have a high self-esteem. People who listen to the same hit album over and over are more likely to use music to regulate their mood.



Rock enthusiasts are generally valiant and comfortable in their skin. But they also have a darker side; they are more selfish. Like pop lovers, rock aficionados can use music to regulate their mood, with their favorite songs often associated with intense moments in their emotional life. 

Just like classical fans, fans of folk, jazz and blues are particularly thoughtful, open-minded and very creative. They conceive their political opinions in the same way as their new experiences: in a liberal way. They use music more to train their brains than their bodies.




Country music

Country fans are humble and empathetic. They are generally outgoing and often very hard working. They also confirm the stereotype that lovers of this musical genre tend to be very politically conservative and less open-minded than other art and music lovers.

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