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HitShot FAQs

General questions

Using the HitShot App

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Sending messages, photos and videos


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Group chats

Sending HitShots 

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Managing your account

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Solve a problem

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Contact HitShot

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Via our contact form

Why HitShot?

Pourquo HitShot?

Go beyond simple, basic messaging. HitShot puts emotion and music back at the center of your conversations by basing its unique concept on sending short musical excerpts. No more colorless and lifeless messaging: HitShot is the beginning of a new era of dialogue. 


HitShot has an innovative and disruptive conversational format integrated with encrypted instant messaging that generates and transmits to the recipient a tri-emotional reaction: sound, visual and textual. 


With its unique feature, which allows you to read your messages with your eyes closed, HitShot will introduce you to a new emotional world. 

How does HitShot pair with music?

Comment HitShot s'associe avec de la musique ?

Faced with a streaming remuneration system that pays not the most listened to artists but the artists who generate the greatest number of compulsive listens, HitShot has decided not to use music, but to share it! The application allows the discovery of music, its promotion, its listening (stream) and its purchase. 

How do I create a conversation on HitShot?

Comment créer une conversation sur HitShot ?
  1. In Conversations , click on         .

  2. Type or select a contact's name.

  3. Enter your message in the text box.

  4. Click     

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How do I upload a photo, video or gif to HitShot?

Comment envoyer une photo, une vidéo ou un gif sur HitShot ?

Ouvrez une conversation et cliquez sur les options suivantes                           located at the bottom left, next to the text box.

-         Take a picture.

-         Choose a Gif.

-         Send a picture from the gallery.

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Choix du GIF émoji
Choix d'une photo dans la galerie émoji

How do I know if someone has seen a message I sent them in HitShot?

Comment savoir si une personne a vu un message que je lui ai envoyé dans HitShot ?

HitShot uses different icons to let you know if your messages have been sent, delivered, and read. They appear at the bottom right of the message:  


-     : means your message is being sent.

-          : means that your message has been sent.

-          : means that your message has been read.

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Note de musique, double croche grise
Double croche orange, note de musique

How to add contacts on HitShot?

Comment ajouter des contacts sur HitShot ?

On the Conversation page, click on      to add a new contact and invite them to HitShot. Your contacts who already have the application can be found in “ Contacts on HitShot ”, you can start a conversation with them directly by clicking on their first name/surname.

How do I see people online on HitShot?

Comment voir les personnes en ligne sur HitShot ?

The icon        appears on the top right of a bad profile photo person when active on HitShot or has been recently. The icon      appears in the top right of a person's profile picture when they're online.

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rond jaune online application

Can I send HitShots to friends who don't use the HitShot app?

Puis-je envoyer des HitShots à des amis qui n'utilisent pas l'application HitShot ?

You cannot send messages to contacts who do not have the HitShot app. 


However, you can invite a new contact with a click on        from the Conversations page to invite him to join you on HitShot.

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How to delete contacts on HitShot?


Contacts cannot be deleted on HitShot, as they are part of your contact list on your phone.

However, they can be blocked and will no longer appear in your contact list.

How do I start a group chat in HitShot?


To start a group chat on HitShot:

  1. Go to the Conversations page .

  2. Click on the icon     -

  3. Click on         Create a group .

  4. Select or enter each person's name.

  5. Enter your message and click on      .

You can also start a group chat directly from a person's profile by clicking       Create a group with … from the Conversation section .

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Créer un groupe sur l'application émoji
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How do I add a person to a conversation in HitShot?


To add someone to a group chat: 


  1. Click on your group name to access the conversation details.

  2. In Participants , click on        .

  3. Select the contact to add.

  4. Confirm

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How do I remove someone from a conversation in HitShot?


To remove a person from a group conversation, you must be the group admin, then: 


  1. Click on your group name to access the conversation details.

  2. In Participants , click on          next to the name of the person you want to remove. 

  3. Confirm .

Bouton - rouge love

How do I send a HitShot?


To send a HitShot from the home page:


  1. Click on the logo          from the navigation menu.

  2. Search using keywords and/or filters.

  3. Click on the HitShot that interests you to listen to it.

  4. Click on

  5. Select a recipient.



To send a HitShot from a conversation: 


  1. Click on HitShot's logo         next to the text input area.

  2. Search using keywords and/or filters.

  3. Listen and choose the HitShot that interests you.

  4. Click on 


Note: the search for HitShots from the conversation takes into account the text included in the text input box. For example, if the input box is pre-populated with the text "Hello, how are you?", then when you search for a HitShot, the search will use "Hello, how are you?" as keywords.

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Logo HitShot sur l'application
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How to customize a HitShot?


Once you have chosen the HitShot to send, click on one of the following options                 and  personalize it according to your tastes and your desires.

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How do I enable or disable HitShot notifications?


You can disable notifications for all conversations or just one. 


To enable or disable notifications for a single conversation: 


  1. Open the conversation. 

  2. Go to the person's profile or group chat details.

  3. In the Conversation section, click on          Mute

  4. Confirm

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Can I disable my online status in HitShot?


It is not possible to disable your online status in HitShot.

Can I log out of the HitShot app?

  1. Click on your profile picture in the navigation menu or on the icon .       .  

  2. Click Sign out.

  3. Confirm .

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Block someone:

Bloquer quelqu'un.

When you block a user, they can no longer contact you via a HitShot chat. You can also turn off notifications about the conversation or delete it. Therefore, you will no longer see the online user.


To block messages from a user: 


  1. Open the chat.

  2. Go to the person's profile.

  3. In the Conversation sectionclick on         Block contact .

  4. Confirm

Bloquer émoji rouge

Delete my HitShot account: 

Supprimer mon compte HitShot.
  1. Click on your profile picture in the navigation menu or on the icon .       .

  2. Cliquez sur        Delate my account .

  3. Confirm .

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Emoji profil sur l'application

How do I install or update the HitShot app?


To install or update the HitShot app, visit the App Store or Google Play Store on your device. Installing the latest version of the app can help you fix some issues.


iPhone: HitShot for iPhone on the App Store

Android: HitShot for Android on the Google Play Store 

How do I report a problem with the HitShot app?


If a feature is unresponsive on HitShot, try updating the app. If the problem persists after the update, contact us on our Facebook or Instagram page to let us know.

I can't connect to the HitShot app: 

Je n'arrive pas à me connecter à l'application HitShot.

If you are having trouble logging in to HitShot, please check that the installed version of the HitShot app is the latest. To do this, go to your phone's application store (Apple App Store, Google Play Store, for example) and download the available updates.

I can't see my messages on HitShot or connect to the internet: 

voir les messages

If you can't see your new messages or if the connection light stays yellow, you can try : 


- Quit and open the application again HitShot 

- Check your Wi-Fi or Internet connection

- Update HitShot by installing the latest version

I can't reply to a specific message or conversation in HitShot: 

répondre à un messag

Here are some tips you can follow: 


- Check your internet connection

- Update HitShot by installing the latest version

- Make sure you have enough storage space on your mobile device. 


If it still does not work, the reasons may be as follows: 


- The user you are trying to message has deactivated or deleted their account.

- The user has blocked you.

- You are trying to reply   to a group chat that other members have already left.

What should I do if my HitShot app crashes repeatedly?

Que faire si mon application HitShot plante de façon répétée ?

If the HitShot app crashes consistently when you try to open it, you can try: 

- Delete large files or unused apps from your phone to free up storage space. 


To learn how to check and manage your device's storage, go to your iOS settings and visit Apple's help pages, or go to your Android settings and visit Google's help pages._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_


- To update the application to the latest version available. You can also uninstall the app and then reinstall it. 


To install or update the HitShot app, visit the App Store or Google Play Store on your device. Installing the latest version of the application may help you solve some problems. 

How do I delete received messages, conversations or photos in HitShot?

supprimer des messags

You can delete messages, conversations and photos. Be aware that this action will not remove them from your friend's inbox. 


To delete a conversation: 


  1. Click on the user's profile.

  2. Go to the Conversation section.

  3. Click on         Delate the conversation.

  4. Confirm.


To delete a message or photo: 


  1. Open the conversation

  2. Hold down on the message or photo to delete

  3. Select icon       .

  4. Confirm.

Emoji poubelle rouge application
Emoji poubelle rouge application

Can I view deleted messages in HitShot?

consulter les messages supprimés

Deleted messages cannot be viewed in HitShot.

Do advertisers have access to my personal information on HitShot?

annonceurs infos persos

Advertisers do not have access to any personal information of HitShot users, we do not share your data.

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