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Présentation de l'application HitShot devant une classe d'élèves

HitShot's first users!

HitShot musique connue de Matt Houston

In October 2021, even before the official launch of the test phase, we wanted to preview the tests to confirm the format and themes of HitShot. The testers, students from ENC Communication, had a pre-BETA version of the application. 


Thanks to these pre-tests, we were able to decipher that 100% of those questioned were in favor of integrating music into messaging.

An essential point for HitShot, which then conquered more than 75% of the testers, with almost instantaneous and all positive reactions: “ It's too funny ”, “ It's original, funny and promising ”, “ The application is friendly, easy to use ”, “ I had the best conversation of my life ”.


These results and feedback pushed us to develop HitShot faster! These tests created a certain pressure but also an immense joy to see users finally take possession of HitShot, a new musical messaging system that they could use on a daily basis.


And you, what are you waiting for to download HitShot? 😉

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