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Ordinateurs et téléphones sur un bureau travail en équipe

We help you become more productive!

HitShot musique Work de Rihanna

We have all listened to music while working:   at work, in front of the computer or at home. For some people who need to have a constant background noise, it is even essential.

In the offices of HitShot, there is music all day, but why?

Specialists affirm it: music has positive effects on memory, it allows better concentration, plays a role in our ability to think and awakens our creativity! Up-tempo music has even been found to improve productivity in repetitive tasks. 


Music acts on different cognitive areas of our brain, both on the right hemisphere and on the left hemisphere: creative or pragmatic, we are all positively concerned!


Asked about the subject, a majority of French people say that listening to music at work allows them to work better: for 80% it stimulates their productivity.



For 42% it sharpens their creativity

For 65% it offers soothing virtues


For 33% it improves their concentration. Only a minority use it to avoid the noise of colleagues or, on the contrary, to fight silence. 

But which musical styles are favoured? 


Pop music, with 55% of the vote, is the preferred musical style of French employees. According to the study conducted by Censuwide in 2017, the group Coldplay ranks first in the professional playlist, followed very closely by Adele. Finally, the British Ed Sheeran comes in third place. 


So if your boss finds you on HitShot in the middle of the day, don't panic, tell him it's for your productivity! 😉

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