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Can we live without music?

HitShot sous le sunlight des tropiques Gilbert Montagné

We already imagined that music had a role in our emotions, but it has now been proven.

Music plays a role in regulating our emotions. Emmanuel Bigand, researcher at the Institut Universitaire de France, explains that there is music conducive to soothing our anxieties, and this from an early age. For example, a baby left alone in a room cries less quickly if he is left with background music, because music is a presence that gives him the feeling of being in contact with others. 

If humans had not invented music, the world would be very different. Emmanuel Bigand explains that without music, human relations would be dull and without emotion. The richness and quality of our dialogues come from his musicality. Deprived of this reference, we would face cold and monotonous exchanges.

émoji notes de musique

This is also what happens when you communicate on ordinary messengers. A single application allows you to breathe new life into your virtual exchanges by perfectly blending music, messaging and emotions: HitShot.

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