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Concert et coeur fait avec les mains

Your private concerts have meaning!

HitShot musique Shower de Becky G

Have you ever wondered why we all have this urge to sing in the shower?

Singing in the shower washes away worries. Singing between two strokes of soap, under hot water, rubs, purges, detaches, purifies, clarifies our ideas and our mood.

In the shower, out of sight, our voice is transformed, it is well known! We all then become tenors, sopranos who master A Cappella, Rock, Slam or Blues like gods! There is also a real acoustic effect of the shower walls which allow sound to reflect. The generally tiled and smooth walls and the cramped space of the shower allow sound waves to bounce around and be amplified.

This privatized concert is the perfect opportunity to revisit all the hits and even leave room for creation. In the privacy of the shower, you find yourself with yourself, and then you dare to explore the possibilities of your voice. Far from the eyes, far from the silence, our body speaks to us, our voice has its say: "we're tired of words, let me do vocalizations, sing at the top of our lungs and in all tones ", you hear?

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Singing in the shower has self-esteem benefits. There is no fear of judgment because the shower is an appointment with yourself without an audience! 👨‍🎤

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